Melanie R. Hudson, PsyD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist PSY25726

Who We Are

Dr. Melanie R. Hudson is a California licensed clinical psychologist specializing in the practice of Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) approaches for adults and adolescents experiencing eating disorders, traumatic stress and/or mood and anxiety spectrum disorders.  Additionally, she has expertise in the treatment of individuals diagnosed with complex dissociative disorders and co-morbid psychiatric disorders.

Her treatment approach is based on over 12 years of clinical experience.   She seeks to treat the whole person, and promote the development of strong, life-long emotional and behavioral skills that allow her clients to maintain physical and mental health.

In addition to CBT, Dr. Hudson incorporates principles of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), psychodynamic and family systems approaches to fit each individual client’s needs.  She believes that therapy is a collaborative process, based on a strong working relationship between the therapist and the client.  Furthermore, Dr. Hudson aims to build relationships with her clients based in dignity and respect with an appreciation for the painful struggles they bring to her. 

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